Why your cantilever needs an insulation upgrade.

Many homes are built in a way where the upper floors extend beyond the exterior walls of the lower levels. These areas can allow either a little bit more square footage on a certain floor, or can be constructed so that an entire room forms an overhang. This detail known as a “cantilever”, can often be the cause of comfort issues that affect the particular floor directly above the cantilevered area. At the time of construction, these cantilevers are generally only insulated with fiberglass batts and are framed in a way that allows a significant amount of air to leak into your home. Sometimes these spaces have heating/cooling ducts running through them which leak air outside of the house, and some even have water pipes that freeze in the winter time. 

Evidence that your Cantilevers Need an Upgrade
  • The room directly above the cantilever is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter
  • You can feel a draft coming in from a bay window overhang or an entire wing of the house
  • Freezing pipes near an area that overhangs another floor
  • Upon removing finish materials from the cantilevered area, you find fiberglass that is completely black due to constant air movement through the insulation. 
Our Solution

We will temporarily remove the existing finish from the underside of the cantilever so the insulation can be installed without damaging the finish of the cantilever. Spray foam insulation will be installed to full-fill the framing cavities of the cantilever to allow for the highest possible insulation value given the framing depth. The finish on the underside of the cantilever will be reinstalled once insulation work has been completed. The spray foam insulation will do a much better job at stopping air movement through the cantilever than the fiberglass batting which was simply acting as an air filter. This approach is very effective at improving the comfort of the rooms above the cantilever while reducing the heating and cooling loads on your HVAC equipment. 

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  2. Measurable Results – We perform follow up testing for all of the services that we provide, so that we give you quantifiable results to show you where your home was before your upgrade and how much it has improved.
  3. Industry Leading Warranty – We use materials and equipment that are of the highest quality because we want our upgrades to last for as long as you live in your home. If you suspect that a product we installed stopped performing as promised, we will send an expert out to evaluate and fix the issue at no charge to you anytime within your warranty period.  

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